The Artist

Sander van Zijl

An artist with high ambitions and a great talent for painting. Both technical and creative skills are important but maybe even more the search for a perfect mix between emotions and feelings. Constantly searching for renewal and improvements in his work. Inspired by classical masters but also by the sometimes magnificent digital concept art. His work is also influenced by global issues, which unfortunately can cause a lot of turmoil in his studio. Hence the often dreamlike worlds filled with bizarre shapes of atmospheric perspective, beautiful light and “hidden” ideological approach. Also the wondering about the universe and the mystery of life are issues that recur regularly and leave their reflection on his art.

The medium used is often oilpaint on canvas or panel, where the size varies from very small up to paintings a couple of feet large. The subjects vary from surrealistic and fantasy worlds, still life and realism up to the occasional abstract art.
Apart from the sale of oil painings through galleries and art fairs he also works as an illustrator and creates bookcovers, illustrations and concept art for magazines and publishers. With his work he already succeeded in winning multiple prizes.

Besides providing an informative background, this website aims to show his work on a personal level. Interested people can use the contact form to make an appointment to see the paintings up close.





The paintings are divided into surrealism, landscapes, still lifes and realism. Most of them are oil on canvas or panel. Some paintings are very detailed, others more conceptual depending on the composition and the emotion I want to convey. But all bear witness to a lot of technique and talent.

The oil paintings are also available as canvas prints and a poster in various sizes.

Interested? Contact us via the contact form , or email directly to and have a look at the studio.